Sunday, 3 July 2016

Super holiday ( hip hip ura, vacanță)

Well, I can say that I had the fullest year of high school, ever. I mean, just one year ago I did not need to do anything, the hole summer was mine. I could*ve do everything I wanted to, but not now. It*s such a petty not to have time for your own. Yes I have time, but I need to work because going to university is fucking expensive. Well, not everywhere, but in UK, yes, cause I want to study there, and I can say that I have poor parents, in contrast with an UK salary.

And now, that they want to exit UE, I don t know how will I ever get there.. and this is very sad as I work my soul out everyday to have enough money to survive there. :)) Any way, back to the subject. This school year I took the DELF (french B1 exam) and the IELTS test. I survived in DELF and I succed it but for IELTS I didn t get my results yet, I hope that I scored at least 6,5 to go at a very high University.

Now I work at Mc Donald s and also in my free time I teach guitar. And, another also, in my free free time I draw, I sing and I write so hope you like what I write even if they are just ten rows.

So, this is my life for now. butterflies in my stomach because friday I get my IELTS result, so be careful cause if I don t write anything after friday it means that I killed myself. Kidding..

So have a nice evening. I hope that romanians will read my blog even if it isn t wrote in Romanian..